What is Power Pro ?

Affordable Hotel Information Solution

Power Pro Xpress Hotel System is designed for small hotel, cottage or villas with rooms less than 50 rooms. But ready to integrate with Power Pro Restaurant System® and Phone Billing System.

With easy to use, user can use in hours, Power Pro XPress runs with minimum hardware requirement, single PC + Printer (laser / desk jet or dot matrix)  and minimum staff requirement to help hotel to minimize Front Office administration.

What is Power Pro ?

Power Pro is a software for hotel information solution.

Included Software

Power Pro Hotel System is a PMS (Property Management Solution), was designed to increase staffs productivities to achieve their best performance for Hotel Operation.

Power Pro Hotel System was developed since 1991 from text base user interface and now runs on Graphic User Interface using SQL Database technology, runs on Microsoft Windows for client and Linux or Microsoft Server for Server.

Our many years experience, teaches us how to design user friendly software to speed up training for all user levels.

More than 100 Hotels (from 3 starts to diamond hotels), more than 50 Restaurants & 5 Educations Institutions uses Power Pro Solution products for many years.

Power Pro Hotel System runs 7 days x 24 hours non stop for many years with solid rock performance and produce accurate reports for any purpose.  All data can be traced (drilled) thru source of transaction in a simple click.

To support Hotels growing, Power Pro Hotel systems design an advance Report Generator (XReport) that can fulfill Hotels’ information needs. With XReport you may modify, remove or create reports at any time.

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