Point of Sales

Affordable Hotel Information Solution

Power Pro Xpress Hotel System is designed for small hotel, cottage or villas with rooms less than 50 rooms. But ready to integrate with Power Pro Restaurant System® and Phone Billing System.

With easy to use, user can use in hours, Power Pro XPress runs with minimum hardware requirement, single PC + Printer (laser / desk jet or dot matrix)  and minimum staff requirement to help hotel to minimize Front Office administration.

Point of Sales Features

Power Pro Point of Sales runs in more than 100 restaurants for more than 15 years and so many features already develop in many years.

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POS on your finger tip

Send your customer order from your PDA at any point in you restaurant, make it simple, easy and quick.

You can use technology to support your restaurant service, guest can order and your captain can order on their finger tip.

Here what you can:

  • Order can be taken at any point
  • Order can be directly sent to kitchen
  • Order can be taken even no connection
  • Easy to use

Combo Menu

Create combo menu as you want from any menus you have.

  • Combination from food menu, beverage menu or any menu
  • Discount can be manually distribute to each menu
  • Only discounted price is printed on the bill
  • Selling Item report print Combo menu and detail menu in the combo menu

Remote Data Collection

If you have more than 1 restaurant and you want to get all information from your outlets, this feature may help you.

  • Remote Data Collection can collect all outlets’ detail transaction including detail bills
  • For one month transaction data size less than 1 MB
  • Data can be send directly via email to you with only single click
  • All transaction are imported on the head quarter
  • All report in the outlets can be printed in head quarter
  • Remote Data Collection can automatically recognize each outlet

Menu Engineering

Power Pro Restaurant System help you to get Menu Engineering in single click.

  • No Manual Calculation 
  • Can be printed at any time you need
  • Automatic calculate menu grade base on Margin and Profit
  • Automatic import Cost of Goods Sold from Inventory if integrated with Power Pro - Logistic Manager

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