Room Rate Management

Increase your revenue using Advance Room Rate Managemen, included Variable Room Rate, Attached Package, Schedule Package, Minimum Selected Package, Contract Rate, Add Hoc Room Rate.

Affordable Hotel Information Solution

Power Pro Xpress Hotel System is designed for small hotel, cottage or villas with rooms less than 50 rooms. But ready to integrate with Power Pro Restaurant System® and Phone Billing System.

With easy to use, user can use in hours, Power Pro XPress runs with minimum hardware requirement, single PC + Printer (laser / desk jet or dot matrix)  and minimum staff requirement to help hotel to minimize Front Office administration.

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Perkerjaan berhari-hari, sekarang cukup beberapa menit saja

Yang sangat kami rasakan adalah untuk membuat laporan keuangan sangat mudah, cepat dan akurat dengan menggunakan Worksheet  PowerPro. 

Front Office
Power Pro Hotel System - Front Office is a software designed to help Hotel's Front Office Staff to increase thier best performance, record all guest information, generate accurate statistics reports.
Financial Worksheet

With Financial Worksheet you can create any Financial Report what ever you want like you do it on your Microsoft Excel™, from any accounts, any periods, any amounts (actual, budget, mutation, year to date, variances etc.) , any format (font, border, shade etc.). It works as your favorite spreadsheet. 

Back Office

Power Pro Back Office solution is designed for increase user productivity by eliminate multiple entry, controlling hotel’s budget day to day operation user self budget control. With tightly integrated make all transactions are visible for authorized persons (transaction can be traced thru source of transaction).

Point of Sales Features
Power Pro Point of Sales runs in more than 100 restaurants for more than 15 years and so many features already develop in many years.
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